2016 Make Something Oliver Microgranting Incubator Event

February 7, 2016
2016 Summer Swim Times
April 25, 2016

2016 Make Something Oliver Microgranting Incubator Event

There are nearly two hundred communities in Edmonton, but for some reason, 20,000 of us choose to live in Oliver.  On the cusp of downtown, lining the river valley, and housing emerging professionals, children, newcomers, students, and senior community members – we are a fantastic place to create and a fascinating group to unite.  How can we celebrate our similarities, share our differences and have a great time doing it?

Make Something Oliver is the landscape for you to create that ‘something’ that could make Oliver awesome.  Consider ongoing enhancements, like last year’s pool DJ, or an event such as our lantern evening.   If you have an idea and no plan, or simply enthusiasm and no idea (yet!) join us on April 9th from 2-4PM at the Community League Hall for our Incubator event.  Two Oliver residents who are pros at making ideas a reality will lead a workshop on generating ideas and bringing them to life.

Make Something Oliver’s Spring deadline is Friday, April 15.  Not all projects from the event must apply and being at the event does not guarantee selection.

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