January 28, 2017

Upcoming Hall Construction

As you may know, our league struck a Hall Redevelopment Committee (HRC) in 2016. Part of that committee’s groundwork for the hall redevelopment was ascertaining the condition and to identify potential hazardous materials in our hall. We hired Stantec (Consulting company located in Oliver with previous knowledge of the building) to complete a Facility Condition Assessment and Hazardous Materials Assessment in fall, 2016. As a consequence of those assessments, our league was […]
November 4, 2016

Social Advocacy in Oliver

As you likely know, the Oliver Community League’s boundaries include an incredibly diverse population of people. With residences ranging from costing millions of dollars to subsidized, the demographics of our community are significantly varied. OCL has advocated time and again for building developments that meet the needs of our community. While dwellings that accommodate families, reflect the needs of lower incomes, and satisfy the visual identity of our community have […]
November 4, 2016

Hall Redevelopment Committee Working on Foundations

The Oliver Community League Hall Redevelopment Committee has been working on the Strategy Phase of the City of Edmonton’s Community Group Led Construction Projects Guide.  The Guide serves as a series of instructions, if you will, for redeveloping a community hall, detailing requirements to ensure a positive outcome for everyone involved. The initial phase is the Strategy Phase.  This phase looks at the league’s capacity to complete a hall redevelopment, the […]
November 4, 2016

Halloween In Oliver

In a coordinated effort between Abundant Communities Oliver and several residents, Halloween returned to our community this year! The initiative began last year, with one resident, Coralee, seeing the need to bring Halloween to street level for our trick-or-treaters. The density of resident-access-only buildings makes it difficult for our goblins and ghouls to go door to door. So the movement began to bring the candy to the goblins. Directed by […]