January 30, 2014


Do you have an idea for a fun event or program for Oliver? We can help. The league can offer promotion of the event/program through our various different channels as well as free use of our hall (10326 – 118 St w/ 65 person capacity) Your event or program needs to be open to all members of the community and broadly be aligned with the goals of the league. A […]
November 30, 2013

EFCL Outdoor Rink policy

Our community isn’t lucky enough to have a rink of our own but these nearby communities do: Queen Mary Park Rink, 10844 – 117 Street Westmount Rink, 10970 – 127 Street Glenora Rink, 10426 – 136 Street What a great way to enjoy the winter!   EFCL MEMBERSHIP POLICY AND THE USE OF COMMUNITY LEAGUE OPERATED OUTDOOR SKATING RINKS   November 28, 2013 Dear Leagues, The return of winter weather […]
October 3, 2013

Letter to City Manager on Molson Rezoning

The league is unhappy with how re-zoning process of the Molson re-zoning went. Hoping to have someone answer to what we feel was a major lack of proper process we have sent a letter the City Manager, Simon Farbrother. The full text of the letter is included below:     October 3, 2013 Simon Farbrother City Manager City of Edmonton   Re: Molson rezoning process   Dear Mr. Farbrother, I […]
September 17, 2013

Little Free Libraries

The Little Free Library concept is simple. Take a book, leave a book. The Oliver Community League is going to create 10 miniature libraries in our neighborhood. We just need your help. We have 10 old newspaper boxes we’re going to sand down, paint and turn into Little Free Libraries. The libraries will hold books and our community’s newspaper. We’re hosting a Little Free Library painting bee on Saturday Sept. 21 at the hall at […]