Board of Directors


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Position Name Contact
President Lisa Brown
Vice President Luwam Kiflemariam
Secretary Erin Wright
Treasurer Robyn Paches
Civics (Planning) Director Sydney Gross
Volunteer Coordination Director Kim Thompson
Make Something Oliver Director Anika Gee
Garden Director Justin Keats
Communications Director Lauren Veroni
Programs & Events Director Hossein Zahiri
Hall Redevelopment Director Blaine Kovacik
Membership Director Gregory Cook
Directors Ilya Ushakov
Simon Yackulic
Marc Workman

General Roles and Requirements for Oliver Community League Board Members:

  • A director is expected to be fully informed on community league matters and participate in discussions and decisions in matters of policy, finance, programs, personnel and advocacy.
  • Commit to the work of the organization.
  • Review the board’s conduct and monitor its performance to ensure compliance with bylaws and policies.
  • Speak positively of the League and assist in developing and maintaining positive relations among the board, committees and communities to enhance the leagues mission.
  • Orient new board members.
  • Prepare for and arrive on time for all required meetings.
  • Develop, monitor, review and approve all policies and other recommendations received from the board, its standing committees and staff.
  • Review the bylaws and recommend changes to the membership.
  • Participate in the development of the leagues organizational plan, annual review and budget.
  • Approve the budget and other financial matters.
  • Prepare and present required reports at board meetings.
  • Prepare and present an annual report at the annual general meeting.
  • Minimum Time Commitment:
    • 5 hours/month to attend and prepare for board meetings and read associated e-mails. Meetings are traditionally held the first Wednesday of every month at 7pm at the Oliver community hall.
    • Some positions have seasonal time commitments.