Hall Redevelopment: Demolition Update September 2017

League Location and Hall Demolition Update – August 2017
August 3, 2017
Notice of Public Open House Regarding Former St. John’s School Site
September 6, 2017

Hall Redevelopment: Demolition Update September 2017

The demolition of our hall is scheduled for the end of September/early October, pending demolition permit approval. The hazardous materials currently present in the hall will be abated prior to demolition by trained professionals; this ensures the safety of community members, Boald’s workers during demolition and is required by the City of Edmonton and Government of Alberta Occupational Health and Safety. Be sure to check our social media for more specific dates on the actual demolition.

Special thanks to Boald Construction Management Ltd, specifically Blair Jubinville and Andrew Thomsen, for their guidance, patience, and adaptability throughout our hall redevelopment. The kindness, professionalism, and generosity Boald has offered everyone involved in this process and our league has been exceptional. These past few months have had many unexpected developments and we are thankful the team at Boald was able to guide us.


  1. I recently joined Oliver Community League and am interested in knowing exactly when and where the meetings are being held (I am still getting used to finding places around here, after a 20 year absence; moved back to Oliver almost a year ago, and am planning to stay in this area for a couple of years, at least! I am very interested in seeing some changes made to the park and surrounding areas of Oliver. It’s a very nice place to live but that park is in dire need of a make over to bring it up-to-date with the new Brewery District! I live on 119 St. and 102 Ave, as I did 21 years ago, and that park has not changed much, in fact, it is getting worse! I walk through it every day, even in the winter, which can be a bit dangerous.

  2. Thanks, Beth, for contacting; I really must pay more attention to what and where everything is considering I joined and have no idea where the meetings are, which is ridiculous. I will start paying attention to the calendar for updates. I really want to see some changes made to the Oliver/Brewery District, including Jasper Avenue. Both are in need of a renovation to bring the community closer together!

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