Halloween In Oliver

Gentle Hatha with Keely
September 23, 2016
Hall Redevelopment Committee Working on Foundations
November 4, 2016

Halloween In Oliver

In a coordinated effort between Abundant Communities Oliver and several residents, Halloween returned to our community this year!

The initiative began last year, with one resident, Coralee, seeing the need to bring Halloween to street level for our trick-or-treaters. The density of resident-access-only buildings makes it difficult for our goblins and ghouls to go door to door. So the movement began to bring the candy to the goblins.

Directed by a volunteer, Angelika, Oliver’s Abundant Communities Neighbourhood Connector, many residents stepped up to get the word out in their buildings, decorate, and be ready for children to arrive at 5 pm. A digital map was created by another volunteer, Derek, so parents would know which buildings were participating. All in all, this was a stellar representation of community getting behind a fun activity that brings neighbours together.

The goal is to continue spreading the Halloween locations all over Oliver in coming years. Be sure to connect with us next year if you want to be on the candy map!

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