Institutional Associate Member Special Feature: Cobs Bread

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Institutional Associate Member Special Feature: Cobs Bread

Cobs Bread Brewery District – Fresh Bread with a Fresh Take on Community

You probably know that as a community league, we offer memberships to all of the people who choose to call the Oliver neighbourhood their home but did you also know that we offer membership to the variety of businesses that also reside in our community? Well, we sure do! It’s a little bit different for the Institutional Associate Members-they don’t receive the same benefits as an individual household would. So why would one whose bottom line is a focal point for conversation be concerned with joining their local community league? I approached Cobs Bread in the Brewery District to find out.

Our Discussion

I spoke with Wayne, one of the franchisees and perhaps the most passionate baker I have encountered in recent times in order to learn a little bit more about their business and reasons for deepening their roots in the community.

How long has your business been in Oliver?

We have been here since December 15th 2016, so roughly 9 months.

Why did you choose this neighbourhood and how important is it to you to be a part of this community?

When the opportunity camp up, this (Oliver) was our first choice. We felt this was a very diverse area and the revitalization of downtown Edmonton attracted us.

Is it important to you to contribute to the local micro-economy by hiring residents of the Oliver neighbourhood?

Probably 80% of our employees live in the area, most are within easy walking distance to the bakery.

What are your thoughts on the culture of the Oliver neighbourhood?

We love the culture of the community. It is very mixed from young and old to singles and families. It provides a very good atmosphere to be around and everyone is so friendly each and every day.

What made you choose to join our community league as an Institutional Associate Member?

We felt that if we are in the community, that it would be best to be a part of it. If we can help in any way we will in order to support function and such.

What do you like the most or the least about having a business in this community?

Love the people.

Is there anything that you’d like to share with our members about your business?

Our business is unique in a sense in the fact that we bake from scratch each and every morning with no preservatives. Any products left over at the end of the day are always donated to specific charities. Most of these charities are in the downtown area as well. It’s a good feeling and we find once people understand the Cobs philosophy that they fully support a company that gives back.

What’s Next?

Well if you’re wanting to check out Cobs you can just take your nearest bike lane over to the Brewery District location at 11956-104 Avenue and get yourself some freshly baked breads.

If you are wanting to learn more about Institutional Associate Membership, please see our website or email .

–Lauren Veroni, Communications & Engagement Director

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