Jasper Ave Redevelopment June Meeting

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June 12, 2015
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Jasper Ave Redevelopment June Meeting

Jasper Avenue Redevelopment Meeting: Summary Notes                                       

June 1, 2015  Attendance: 55 people



Meeting Opening

Oliver Community League Board Member Jarrett Campbell began the meeting with a presentation that provided participants with background information on the Jasper Avenue renewal, including an overview of the capital planning process and the potential opportunities that could be leveraged.

After the initial introduction and presentation on background information, participants broke into six small groups to brainstorm two initial questions:

1: What is your vision for a renewed Jasper Avenue?

2: What groups need to be engaged as part of this process? How should they be engaged?

Discussion #1: What is your vision for a renewed Jasper Avenue

  • ·         A frequently raised point by participants was safety. Those in attendance at the meeting believe that the most important part of a renewal of Jasper will be to make the street safer for pedestrians.

    • o   The current design of the road makes it difficult for drivers to see pedestrians in uncontrolled crosswalks, who may be up to seven lanes away. Every crossing on Jasper should have some sort of signal device (i.e. traffic lights or pedestrian lights).
  • ·         More broadly, participants believed that a renewed Jasper Avenue needs to strike a better balance between the needs of pedestrians and the needs of people commuting by car.

    • o   Importantly, session participants recognized the importance of Jasper Avenue as a commuter route for people travelling out of downtown by car, but also noted its importance as the main street in Oliver – a neighbourhood with a high number of people who commute by bicycle and by walking. The redesign should not give preference to one of these groups over the others.
  • ·         Participants believed that it was a false dichotomy to suggest that road lanes would have to be removed in order to accommodate wider, more pedestrian friendly sidewalks. Rather, they believed that lanes could be made more narrow in order to accommodate the expanded sidewalk.

    • o   Participants believed that narrower lanes could have the additional benefit of lowering the average speed of traffic. Drivers base their speed on what they feel is safe, not on the posted speed limit. The existing wide lanes encourage drivers to exceed the 50 kilometre per hour speed limit, adding to safety concerns.
  • ·         It was suggested that the design process examine other high-pedestrian traffic areas of the City for examples. These included 124th Street, 118th Avenue, and 82nd Avenue.

Discussion #2: What groups need to be engaged as part of this process? How should they be engaged?

  • ·         Participants want both the Community League and the City to engage broadly with the community, and with Edmontonians as a whole. They specifically asked that in addition to Oliver residents the following groups be targeted for engagement:

    • o   Local seniors
    • o   Local business owners and operators
    • o   Communities to the west of Oliver (Glenora, etc)
  • ·         A wide range of engagement techniques were recommended, including:

    • o   Door-knocking
    • o   Pop-up/street-level engagement booths
    • o   Design charrettes
    • o   Community meetings
  • ·         In addition to engagement, participants asked the League to ensure that information about the Jasper Avenue redesign is frequently distributed throughout the process so that residents are able to stay up to date. This could include information sharing through:

    • o   The Community League website
    • o   The Yards and other local media outlets
    • o   Direct mail/postcards
    • o   Information displayed at local businesses
  • ·         Lastly, participants recommended the Community League ensure that representatives from the City are involved in the process and in attendance at engagement events to help answer questions from the general public.

The Process Going Forward

  • ·         The Community League will finalize a consultation process in the coming weeks and will publicize further details online as they become available.
  • ·         The Community led process will conclude in early Fall 2015. A summary of the results from this process will be presented to the City once the City led consultation begins.





Source: OCL Blogs

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