Jasper Ave Revitalization

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April 2, 2014
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April 14, 2014

Jasper Ave Revitalization

We’ve got some good news! (with a caveat)

First, the good news. This is was in an email we recently received from the City:


“Jasper Avenue west of 109 Street has two proposed projects under consideration for the 2015-18 Capital budget, one for street renewal from Transportation Services and  a complementary one for streetscape revitalization submitted by Sustainable Development.  The first phase of both proposed projects is 109 Street to 116 Street and the second phase is 116 Street to 124 Street.”

The Oliver portion of Jasper Avenue is long overdue to receive some attention. For one of Edmonton’s signature street, it’s in embarrassing shape. The league has advocated for something to be done for years so are very excited to see movement on this issue.

Now, the caveat. This information was only received when our local councillor enquired about the issue with administration. To this point, there has been no notice provided to us nor any residents that this is being looked at.

Now normally we see no need to be informed of every single thing the City is working on at any given time but in this case, the lack of notice has concerned us. When 99th Street through Old Strathcona was revitalized a few years back it was a fiasco. We do not want a repeat of this process for Jasper Avenue.

This July 2011 article from Todd Babiak is a good primer on why we are concerned. Here are a few select quotes:

“When Rob McDonald, then president of the Old Strathcona Community League, attended the first community consultation, he realized it wasn’t going to be a consultation at all. “The transportation department told us what they were going to do,” said McDonald, who worked with other community members to develop a set of recommendations.”

“The renovation of 99th Street was planned and contracted without concern for pedestrian safety, walkability or attractiveness.” 

We call on the City of Edmonton to not repeat the mistakes that were made on 99th Street. This starts with properly consulting the residents of Oliver. Asking them what their vision is for the centerpiece street in their neighbourhood.


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