Kitchener Park Ready for Play

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October 1, 2015
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October 9, 2015

Kitchener Park Ready for Play

Kitchener Park is ready for play!  After years of planning and, finally, development, we had our grand opening ribbon cutting October 4.  Be sure to stop by and have some fun. 

Here is what OCL President, Lisa Brown, had to say at the grand opening:

“In Edmonton, that parks and green spaces are essential elements in our urban fabric is clearly recognized. Oliver is so fortunate to have so many parks and green spaces: Ezio Farone and Monsignor Williams Irvin in Grandin, Grant Notley above the river, Oliver and Kitchener, and Paul Kane, which the City of Edmonton will be revitalizing in the next couple years.

Of course, we also have incredible access to one of North America’s largest urban parkland system: the North Saskatchewan River Valley.
We are certainly lucky in Oliver, but we are also a neighbourhood 19,000 strong. We need these parks and green spaces.
Charles Montgomery, author of Happy City, was in Edmonton last week, and he spoke about public spaces being our collective living room in high density communities. Colin Ellard, a University of Waterloo professor that studies the impact of urban design on human psychology, spoke about the numerous benefits of being in a green space. They have observed, for example, lower amounts of the stress hormone cortisone in people while in a green space versus a congested street.
So, it is not an exaggeration to state that places like Kitchener Park make us healthier and happier.
They bring us together, as the Abundant Communities Initiative has done over the last year.
So, thank you to the Kitchener Park committee members – your dedication and hard work have not only improved a valued play space, you’ve also contributed to our collective living room – and we’re all better for it.
Kitchener Park was created by community groups in 1923. Even the trees here were provided by the Oliver Community League in partnership with other organizations. In 2003, the Oliver Community League, under the direction of long time President Hilda Sucre, instigated a needs assessment of the park.
We now have a spray park, mural, and wonderful new playground space, officially for ages 0-12, but really for all ages. The train theme recognizes the history of rail in Oliver.
This development is over $$0.5 million investment in the park. Funding was provided by the Province of Alberta through the Community Facility Enhancement Fund and Community Spirit Grant. The City of Edmonton provided funding through the Neighbourhood Parks Development Program, as well as support from many Community Recreation Coordinators. As well, we had community fundraising efforts and private donations. Thank you to all our funders!”

Source: OCL Blogs

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