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Make Something Oliver Incubator

Wednesday, January 17
6-8 pm

Brewsters Oliver Square

Join other community members to imagine what could make Oliver even more amazing. The event is free of charge and open to all ages. Learn more!

This two hour facilitated session will help participants who:

Have an idea and need help crafting a plan to bring it to action
Love Oliver and want to help dream up ideas
Hope to meet others doing cool work that they can support
Need to refine a plan before applying to Make Something Oliver
Want to see if other people like their ideas
Generally like hanging out with neighbours!
The session will explore ideas and map out opportunities to convert those ideas into action!

Please register so we know who to expect.

The MSO Committee will be at the session if you have any more questions about the grant.

Make Something Oliver
Make Something Oliver(MSO) is an Oliver Community League Initiative that offers microgrants up to $1000 to community members who have an idea that will boost the community vibrancy.

MSO is an application process, though attending might make your application spiffier, attendees aren’t guaranteed to be selected.


Brewsters Oliver Square has ample free parking and is accessible by bus, bicycle or foot!

We will be in a private room – just ask for the MSO event when you arrive!


  1. I would like to apply for the mso grant as I have a a plan that I’m ready to start a recycling club. My idea is to get people to come together at Grace Lutheran church one night a week to make sleeping mats for the homeless. I’ve prepared everything and I’m ready to start right now. I talked to the Pastor of Grace Lutheran and I could get Wednesday or Thursday night. My club would be all inclusive because I have topics and challenges on upcycling and I will have kits put together for children to make crafts from recyclables as well.

  2. I left out that I became a member of the Oliver Community league at the annual meeting a few weeks back. As well I’ve been looking for the mso application and just can’t find it. I have a little blurb about my vision of a recycling club and i’m not yet sure how much the token amount to rent space is. But my costs for running it is very low. I will be touching base with Pastor Curtis this Thursday and will hopefully have that information by Thursday afternoon.

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