Make Something Oliver

Make Something Oliver (MSO) Microgranting Program


Make Something Edmonton has reignited the idea that anybody can build anything they dream of in Edmonton. It’s a community building initiative that aims to support everyday people in their endeavours to make Edmonton more awesome. The attitude of the Make Something Edmonton team is that Edmontonians take risks and that our city is an unusually great place to build something in.  To learn more visit

With the spirit of Make Something Edmonton, the Oliver Community League (OCL) created Make Something Oliver (MSO), a microgrant for initiatives by community members to amplify Oliver’s greatness.  Any community member can apply and we’re sure the best ideas are still to be discovered!

The OCL wishes to thank the City of Edmonton for its support in making this initiative possible!


The MSO grant provides funding up to $1,000 to support initiatives, activities or projects that help achieve one or more of the strategic goals of the OCL.  To learn more about the mission and goals of OCL please click here.

Both existing and new initiatives are welcome to apply for microgranting support, however, retroactive funding is not available.

The Not So Fine Print

Who Can Apply

Individuals or groups are eligible for the MSO grant.  The individual or one member of the group must be over 18 years old and be an OCL member at the time of application.

What can be funded?

The initiative must be held in Oliver community boundaries; there must be a budget in place and other funds secured if required; it needs to reflect the strategic goals of the OCL.  We could write a list of examples but that would box in your creativity. Whether you want to release lanterns into the night sky or host a bi-weekly summer BBQ with your neighbours – bring your ideas to MSO and we can help you make them a reality!

The MSO grant will not fund: advocacy or events promoting or fundraising for political or religious organizations, initiatives that generate a profit, the cost of alcoholic beverages, wages and/or salaries.

What should I consider before applying?

MSO is a one time microgrant, your initiative could re-apply for a second year if it was to be held again, but no project should depend on a second grant.   

The OCL community hall is available for rent, it isn’t free for MSO projects.  On that note, you will need written permission to use private or public property (including the City of Edmonton) prior to applying.

The MSO committee or OCL board may request more information or require amendments to your project before approving it.  Please keep an open mind during this process.

What happens if I’m successful?

Part of receiving MSO funding is including the OCL logo on promotional material and acknowledging the OCL and MSO to the participants.

In most cases you’ll receive 75% of funding up front and the final 25% after reporting.  To see our reporting procedures click here.

How to Apply

There are no deadlines, so when you’re ready please fill out our application form here!  Please apply at least 45 days prior to when you would need to have funding for your initiative.

The MSO Committee will review all applications and provide advice to the Board of Directors, who will make final decisions regarding funding. Initiatives will be scored on the capacity to complete, alignment with OCL goals, and positive impact on Oliver.  The OCL board of directors will make the final decisions regarding funding with the advice of the MSO committee.

Idea and no plan? Questions? Want to be on the MSO Committee? Please send us an email at