Meet the Board

Robyn Paches, President

Robyn, a resident of Oliver for two years, is ecstatic to serve as your Oliver Community League President. As Edmonton’s most populous and dense neighbourhood, creating community means making a large community feel like a tight knit town within a city. Small town Alberta born and raised, Robyn has lived in Edmonton for seven years. A proud community member, he loves volunteering on local boards and is a member of Canadian Ski Patrol. Professionally, Robyn works as an independent consultant providing design-thinking based solutions to firms looking to grow intelligently. In his free time he enjoys weightlifting, trying out local businesses and taking in New Music Fridays with a good set of speakers.

Robyn’s priorities for OCL are seeing a recreation & green space needs assessment completed for the community, supporting smart development, tackling the issue of urban isolation through various league programs and supporting the rest of the board in completing their goals.

Luwam Kiflemariam, Vice-President

Luwam has called Oliver home for three years and believes it’s important to be active in community. “The opportunity to join the OCL Board came at time when I was ready to put my beliefs into action. I want to walk down the street and be able to say ‘hi’ to my neighbors, to feel welcomed, and to welcome people. Being part of the OCL Board allows me to do all of that.”

Moving forward, Luwam sees Oliver as a “vibrant and diverse community where people are engaged and committed to their neighborhood.”

Secretary, VACANT

Treasurer, VACANT

Derek Macdonald, Civics Director

Jared Candlish, Civics Co-Chair

Logan Fechter, Communications Director

Events & Programs Director, VACANT

Garden Director, VACANT

Lisa Brown, Hall & Recreation Director

When Lisa moved into the city, she chose Oliver for her home and has lived here for eight years.  For the past three years Lisa has volunteered with our league and has brought her interest and passion for planning, development, transportation and the environment to the table.

“For me, community is synonymous with connection. To be connected to the space you’re in, those around you.  And connection brings happiness, health, pride, resiliency, safety,” says Lisa.

An avid horse lover, Lisa spends her downtime training her three young horses on her family’s farm north of Edmonton.

What does Lisa want for Oliver?  “A safe, inclusive and vibrant neighbourhood, where residents can live, work, and play. Full of amenities and public spaces that we need to have a full life in an urban place. And because I care about transportation and the environment, where we walk/bike/take transit to get around.”

Allison Rosland, Membership Director

Marc Workman, Social Advocacy Director

A resident of Oliver for almost 4 years, Marc is an advocate of accessibility for all. As a person with a disability, he hopes Oliver is accessible to all people now and looking ahead in the years to come.

For Marc, “community is about a group of people working together to achieve a common purpose. In the case of the OCL, it’s a group of people working to make Oliver a great place to live, work, and visit.”

Marc joined the Board so he could contribute to this goal, and so he “could meet others who are willing to give of their time and talent to support the Oliver community.”

Beyond people with disabilities, Marc wants “Oliver to be a place where people at all stages of life – from families to seniors to new Canadians – feel welcome and included.”

Marc is an active volunteer supporting several causes. When not volunteering, Marc enjoys dragon boating or walking Oliver with his guide dog, Nairobi.

Carrie-Anne Cyre, Volunteer Director

Director-at-Large, VACANT

Director-at-Large, VACANT

Director-at-Large, VACANT