Membership in Our Community League – Why Bother?

Why Join Our Community League?

  • To be part of a village of like-minded community residents
  • To have a say in social advocacy issues affecting our community
  • To have a say in urban planning and building developments in our community
  • To meet people who live in our community
  • To make a difference and participate in our community

Bonuses to Joining Our Community League

  • Free swimming at Oliver Pool during designated times
  • Free skating at the Downtown Community Rink during designated times
  • Membership in the Edmonton Tool Library (2017/18 year)
  • 15% discount on admission fees at City of Edmonton recreation facilities
  • Free admission to our events and activities (typically 2 per month)
  • 10% discount on food and beverage at Elm Café
  • The Yards Magazine delivered free to your post box

What is A Community League?

Community Leagues are unique to Edmonton. They are inclusive, grassroots, community-based organizations that are found in each of Edmonton’s communities. Community leagues facilitate healthy, safe, informed and connected communities by promoting participation in recreation, social activities, and civic advocacy at the neighbourhood level.

Community Leagues are managed by volunteers in each community; they come together to create a not-for-profit organization. As such, there is a level of legal, fiduciary, and moral responsibility that comes with sitting on a community league’s board of directors.

Municipal funds are granted to community leagues annually, based on the capita, or population, of each community respectively. These funds, in addition to league-raised funds, are to be used to provide programs, events, activities, and recreation for community members.

Oliver is the highest-density community in Edmonton. Consequently, we receive a good amount of funding to provide programs, events, activities, and recreation to our community. Some examples are: playgroup, yoga, Canada Day pancake breakfast, Community League Day, walking pub crawls.


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