Molson Call To Action

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May 29, 2013
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Molson Call To Action

We recently had a very disappointing conversation with Scott Mackie, Manager of the City’s Current Planning Branch. It appears as though the city administration is going to recommend that the rezoning of the Molson/Crosstown site gets approved by Council. We are very dismayed by this decision and it raises significant concerns about how the decision making mechanism within the City administration works given the overwhelming response of local citizens and even professionals within the city’s own planning department.

Fortunately the final decision on the rezoning rests with City Council so you still have time to make a difference. Writing to the Councillors who will be making the decision is critically important as they can stop this rezoning from being passed.

Share your voice by writing to:

Our area councillor, Jane Batty;

All other Councillors

The planner on the file, Travis Pawlyk;

The head of Current Planning, Scott Mackie:

Tell them Oliver and Edmonton deserve better, remembering that:

  • We are not saying no to development, just yes to a positive legacy for our neighbourhood and our city

  • The proposed plans are in direct contradiction to many of the city’s guiding documents, most notably the Transit Oriented Development Guidelines and the City’s Strategic Vision for a more compact, livable and sustainable Edmonton.

  • Professionals within the city administration are unsupportive of the proposals. The City of Edmonton’s own Urban Design department had the following to say: “Planning Initivatives is pleased to see a proposal for mixed use development on the Molson site but on the basis of the design drawings that have emerged has serious concerns and cannot support the application as submitted”

  • In addition to our community, the surrounding communities of Westmount, Queen Mary Park and Downtown share our view of the site and have all written letters to both the administration and council asking for better.

  • The local Business Revitalization Zone (124 St) recently voted as a board to write a letter to both the administration and council asking for better

  • The league had 50+ people take hours out of their day to discuss the principles that make them love their community and why the Molson site plans don’t meet those principals.

  • Over 60 people attend the public open house and for nearly two hours, individual after individual stood up to ask for something better.

  • Dozens of private citizens have written in to both the administration and council asking for something better.

In addition to your letters, your presence at the Council hearing currently scheduled for August 26th can make a big difference. We will let you know when that’s confirmed and what you need to know to attend. A strong showing of advocates at this meeting will be critical.

We are not asking for anything radical for this site. All we are asking for is something we can be proud of. Good development is absolutely critical to our city becoming the leading city we all strive for it to be. This is an opportunity we should not let slip by.

Thanks for your ongoing support

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