Your New Board of Directors 2017-2018

A Chat with Anika Gee, Make Something Oliver Director
February 23, 2017
Hall Envelope Construction Underway
April 26, 2017

Your New Board of Directors 2017-2018

Meet your new Board of Directors, voted by community, for community. Exciting times ahead for our league!

Back Row: Blaine Kovacik, Tim Mallandaine, Justin Keats, Simon Yackulic, Marc Workman, Craig Lidstone. Middle Row: Lauren Veroni, PM Edmond, Anika Gee, Hoss Zahiri, Angelika Matson. Front Row: Erin Wright, Luwam Kiflemariam, Mary McPhail. Missing: Lisa Brown


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  1. Nick Rost van Tonningen says:

    This is a message for Justin about my garden plot.

    I have had plot No. 33 for a number of years.

    Last year I had a bad accident after I had paid my annual fee so a friend of mine looked after it for the summer. It has taken me a long time to recover and while I am still not back to my old self, and likely never will be, but I am keen to go gardening again. Also during the year my email server quit on me & I lost my email address list (that included your email address).

    So I am taken this route to find out whether I still have in for the current year. I was in the garden over the weekend and saw no sign of activity; so I am hoping. If so, please let me know how I get my fee for this year to you so I can get started; it’s already much later than when I like to get my seeds in the ground.

    You now have my new email address & my cell phone number if (780) 937-5103.

    Nick RvT

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