Abundant Communities Edmonton in Oliver now online!

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September 8, 2016
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September 22, 2016

Abundant Communities Edmonton in Oliver now online!

Abundant Communities Edmonton (ACE) has been taking place in Oliver for about two years.  What’s it all about?  It’s about neighbourhood engagement, organization and community building.  It’s about neighbours knowing one another.

How does this happen in Oliver?  How do neighbours get to know one another in apartment buildings or condo’s?  One person at a time.  Building connectors, or people who help facilitate neighbour engagements, literally knock on the doors in their building and ask a series of questions to get to know neighbours better.  Say, for example, you are an avid Scrabble player and it turns out that 7 other people in your building love to play Scrabble, too – then the Building Connector would connect you all.  Now, you know 7 new people in your building.  And so on and so on.

In addition to asking questions about your interests, Building Connectors want to know what you like about Oliver (ie. walkability, trees, etc) and what you want to see in Oliver (ie. library, more independently-owned stores, etc).

Sound interesting?  It is.

You can complete the questions online now – called a Conversation Guide – and have the chance to make new friends in your neighbourhood.  Click here for more information:  Abundant Oliver

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