Proposed Community Development Themes

Molson Crosstown Proposal
March 12, 2013
Join us at the Oliver Community Festival!
May 27, 2013

Proposed Community Development Themes

On Saturday May 11th the league hosted a community consultation around the proposed plans for the Molson/Crosstown site located at 121 St and 104 Ave. The event was highly successful with over 50 people attending – this would place it as one of the larger events of this type in the city in recent years. A key component of the consultation was articulating a set of community characteristics that Oliver should strive to reflect. 

The themes are:

  • Vibrant Downtown neighbourhood – a compact mixed use neighbourhood with ample choice of amenities.
  • Interesting & Diverse Businesses – a mix of business that includes independent owners that add value to the community.
  • Aesthetics (Beauty) – visually appealing architecture and design
  • Public Spaces (Indoor/Outdoor) – lively streets and community gathering places all year round. 
  • Green Spaces – parks that properly serve our neighbourhood.
  • Connectivity – strong connections within the neighbourhood, between surrounding neighbourhoods & amenities and connections between residents.
  • Multi-modal transportation – the ability to safely travel within and through the community via walking, biking, public transit and automobiles.
  • Community Celebrations (Arts & Culture) – celebrating the community through a variety of cultural events and festivals.
  • Preservation of History – being a modern neighbourhood connected to its history.
  • Diversity & Inclusion – A community that welcomes everyone by providing a wide variety of housing options, amenities and services.
The league will be using these to guide our strategy and decision making. 
Proposed Community Development
Photo Credit: Luca Levesque

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