Rezoning at 10215 – 121 St

Molson Development Plan Approved by Council
August 28, 2013
Community League Day 2013
September 15, 2013

Rezoning at 10215 – 121 St

There is a rezoning proposal going to council on September 16, 2013 to rezone the property at 10215 – 121 St. The purpose of the rezoning is primarily to increase the allowable density on the site though as you can read in the council report, there are a few other changes being made. We have a few links with more information here:

The presentation from the Open House. This was provided to us by the architect.

The Notice from the City. This is what is mailed out to surrounding residents.

The Council Report. This is the report the the City Administration prepares and provides to the Councillors in advance of the public hearing.


This development broadly fits the overarching goals of the leagues and in many ways reflects what we heard during the Molson open house we held.

We like that this development has strong street interaction with the inclusion of townhouses along not only the street but the adjacent alley as well. It contains a relatively diverse mix of units that offer options for varying income levels as well as families, family units especially are much needed in Oliver. The development has bike parking and reduced vehicle parking options which supports the leagues desire for more balanced transportation methods.

The development isn’t perfect. As the Council Report states, there are concerns with the massing of the building and the parking issues that may arise. On the first point, we do share the concern of the administration. On the second, the league is generally unsympathetic. Edmonton is a city that makes it quite easy to park in a vast majority of it’s neighborhoods. Oliver is not one of those neighborhoods and we feel that is one of the reasons it is so desirable.

On the whole we feel the positive aspects of this development outweigh the negatives and as such we support the rezoning of the property.

On a side note, as the Council Report notes, the city administration is recommending that this rezoning not be approved. For those of you keeping track, according to the City Administration, a inward focused car-oriented power centre is A-OK whereas an urban village with strong street interaction is not. We continue to be confused by the decisions coming out of the City Administration.

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