Social Advocacy in Oliver

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November 4, 2016
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January 28, 2017

Social Advocacy in Oliver

As you likely know, the Oliver Community League’s boundaries include an incredibly diverse population of people. With residences ranging from costing millions of dollars to subsidized, the demographics of our community are significantly varied.

OCL has advocated time and again for building developments that meet the needs of our community. While dwellings that accommodate families, reflect the needs of lower incomes, and satisfy the visual identity of our community have been lobbied for by OCL, the league is now going a step further with its Social Advocacy Committee.

This committee, chaired by OCL’s Vice-President, Craig Lidstone, is currently comprised of people that work on the front lines with Edmonton’s impoverished citizens. Also on the committee is Oliver’s Abundant Community Neighbourhood Connector, Angelika, who brings her unique perspective.

The Social Advocacy Committee will advise the Board on how OCL can partner with and support local agencies that endeavour to provide necessary services to OCL’s disadvantaged or isolated community members. The Committee’s terms of reference is in its final stages, with Board ratification expected in December 2016. Stay tuned for updates.


  1. Curtis Boehm says:

    Hi guys, I’m very interested in participating in this committee’s conversations… As a pastor in the Grandin area I deal with a lot of homeless people coming by and the congregation has developed several means of helping them. When do you meet?

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