Summer Swim Times 2015

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May 27, 2013
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Summer Swim Times 2015

We are excited to offer our members access to outdoor community swim times. The schedule for the summer is:


Queen Elizabeth (Sunday through Wednesday, 5-7 PM, from May 23 to Sept 18)

Oliver Pool (Sunday through Wednesday, 5-7 PM, from June 1 to Sept 2)

Mill Creek (Sunday through Saturday, 7-9 PM, from May 23 to Sept 18)

Fred Broadstock (Sunday through Wednesday, 5-7 PM, from May 23 to Sept 18).



Please note that you are still required to use your current Community League Membership card with the appropriate bar code on the back to scan and access the facility.


You are able to access the facility 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time.


Except for guaranteed hours at Queen Elizabeth Outdoor Pool, pools will close for inclement weather or temperatures forecast below 18° C.


Community Swim times are not offered on Statutory Holidays at Mill Creek Outdoor Pool.


  1. Oliver pool is saying it’s 6-8 pm. Just had to pay $7.25 for my dip:(

    • Hi there, Yes the city is only able to offer certain times for leagues to buy swimming for members. We don’t choose the time; the city does. That said, we do purchase FREE swimming for our members on the times allocated by the city. We have those times posted on our website in two places. Check under About the Area and click on Oliver Pool for the times and dates. Thank you!

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