The Oliver Community League board has voted against the proposed land swap. What should you know?

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The Oliver Community League board has voted against the proposed land swap. What should you know?

The Oliver Community League board voted at our January meeting against the suggested land exchange of the former St. John’s School site on 120 Street for an equal portion of the Oliver Park on 104 Avenue and 118 Street and its associated rezoning into a high density residential development.

We have heard you loud and clear, Oliver residents, at various public City of Edmonton and Oliver Community League meetings. Rest assured: the protection of public spaces is of paramount importance to the Oliver Community League.

By voting against the suggested land swap, we have voted for the enhancement and protection of public spaces for current Oliver residents and future generations. We value both Oliver Park and the former St. John’s School site as green and public spaces in Oliver.

Our vote, however, is just one step in this process – while the Oliver Community League’s position informs our advocacy direction, City Council remains the ultimate decision maker. Make sure you reach out to our Councillor, Scott McKeen, to express your opinion regarding the proposed land swap.

As the suggested land exchange ties into other discussions pertaining to community facilities, such as the future of the community league hall and the public pool, we will continue to advocate for the importance of parks and public spaces in Oliver. Keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming opportunities to continue the conversation as we brainstorm together the future of our neighbourhood!

Thank you.

The Oliver Community League board members


  1. So can you explain why you voted against the land swap?

  2. I am shocked and disappointed. This is a stupid decision by a board I am not use to thinking of as stupid.

  3. I was surprised and disappointed that the Oliver Community League board voted against the land swap. I am wondering if you have any data to support this view? Have you surveyed our community league members, either by email or other social media? The land swap proposal makes the most sense. You cannot realistically believe the city is going to make both spaces public parks? The St. Johns space is owner by a developer and even if the current owner does not go through with the proposed highrise, they will just sell it to another developer. It makes a lot more sense to move the highrise development beside 104 Ave than to put such a large building in the middle of our community.

  4. Bill Patrick says:

    I think the proposed swap makes sense on the face of it. I like the “internal” location of the St Johns site more than the “edge” location of the Oliver site. Seems a much safer place for a playground area.

    I grew up in a house that was where Paul Kane Park is now. We would walk past Oliver “park” and school (where I attended for 8 years) to get to Kitchener Park, which felt much more like a neighbourhood park.

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