Upcoming Hall Construction

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November 4, 2016
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February 10, 2017

Upcoming Hall Construction

As you may know, our league struck a Hall Redevelopment Committee (HRC) in 2016. Part of that committee’s groundwork for the hall redevelopment was ascertaining the condition and to identify potential hazardous materials in our hall. We hired Stantec (Consulting company located in Oliver with previous knowledge of the building) to complete a Facility Condition Assessment and Hazardous Materials Assessment in fall, 2016. 

As a consequence of those assessments, our league was made aware of building envelope and exterior siding issues that required action within the year. As asbestos was identified in the exterior siding, a qualified contractor capable of handling the situation needed to be sought out. The HRC recently liaised with the Edmonton Construction Association to market the project to local contractors. In the coming month, proposals will be reviewed and a company will be selected to complete the project. We anticipate construction will take place in May 2017 and will keep our league members updated as events transpire.

Of course, we are seeking grants to offset the expenses associated with the future project. We received municipal grants to offset the costs of both assessments noted above.

Blaine Kovacik, Chair, Hall Redevelopment Committee


  1. I feel the community hall is too small. If we are going to spend funds to renovate the facility, I would rather these were put towards a new and larger building.

  2. Though a larger unit would be useful…Certainly it is not surprising that safety is a priority. Amazing what we find out when we start investigating a property.
    Thankyou for your diligent attention.

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