Civics Committee

The Oliver Community League has a very active Civics Committee that meets monthly to discuss various planning and development issues in Oliver.  The Civics Committee, along with the Board of Directors, support:

  • development that is inclusive, family-friendly, and affordable;
  • urban planning that is pedestrian-friendly and bicycle-friendly;
  • urban planning that provides for natural areas for everyone’s use.

The City of Edmonton has comprehensive information on the development process. Over the past few years, the OCL’s Civics Committee has advocated for bike lanes, quality developments that suit the needs of our community, and lower speed limits on arterial roads.OCL’s Civics Committee regularly engages with developers about their respective and proposed developments in our community. Our Civics Committee is comprised of about 20 community members. The committee meets the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00pm; check our online calendar for exact dates and locations.